Jennifer Kent

“We truly believe LENS has saved Liam’s life. He was a mess before he started. He felt as if his brain was going so fast he couldn’t get a single thought in or out. The impulse control for him was getting the best of him. Liam was so quick to anger, no matter the situation, anger came first. Trying to get him to calm down and listen was so hard, that he literally couldn’t hear the words being said, almost as if he couldn’t process them. The first thought that would pop through, he would act on. We’ve tried a lot of things to help him, but all of it seemed so temporary. It would work for a little and then it was back to square one.

It wasn’t until I was talking to a friend about Liam’s latest episode that she suggested we call and get him into lens. It’s been the best decision we have ever made. During the process of filling out the paperwork we asked Liam all of the questions that needed to be answered, he answered honestly as heartbreaking as some of them were to hear. My husband wasn’t sure about LENS at first, there wasn’t a lot of info, and he thought it was some kind of witchcraft.

After seeing how well it has helped and what the process was and going to a few appointments with us, he no longer feels that way. Liam is doing phenomenal now. Liam has gone 22 times to LENS. Seeing how well he is doing and how far he has come has been amazing. Liam feels better, and a whole lot less angry. He feels that his brain has slowed down and he can process everything.”

– Jennifer Kent, Liam Kent’s Mother

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