Michelle Lohm

This person wasn’t the same person 3 months ago.

I lost my sense of self, confidence, security. Tremendous amount of anxiety, depression, PTSD from a very traumatic event 3 years ago. I suffered from extreme panic attacks, flash backs, that came in cycles, physical side affects from these episode. Even same time each year. I relied heavily on what doctors told me 3 years ago up until 3 months ago.

Since February of 2022, my lowest point since 3 years ago. I really thought this is it, this is going to be me for the rest of my life. Depressed, anxiety, fear mode all the time. At this point I have tried 3-4 medications, none of them were working. Nothing was working!

I would almost believe anything would tell me, to help me feel better. I went to the doctors 5 times in one month. She suggested I had a mental disorder. Which now turns out a misdiagnosis. My gut feeling knew there was something else was going on. Mentally…. I was feeling so much physical side effects, dizziness, numbing, moments where I couldn’t get off the couch. I was so mentally overwhelmed, and physically tired. I could not function on a daily basis. We take advantage of our brains. How sensitive our brains can be. How hard they work keep us functioning. They connect to our emotions, right down to the sensory of these emotions we feel. Giving us a physical effect.

I found out about Lens Therapy through a friend. Lens therapy has changed my life forever. It’s really some thing to see but really feel free from my the caged mind. Going from a very unsettled, nervous person. To a relaxed, not depressed, calm, and most of all happy individual. I can’t you tell how many times, I’ve looked in the mirror and not recognize myself. Not only mentally, but physically I could not believe the person looking at me. Who was this person, so frail, scared, feeling numb. A pair of eyes that had no life, no glow, not even a shimmer. A lifeless stare looking back at me.

My husband wanted his wife back. My kids needed their mother, heathy. Watching someone mentally deteriorate right in front of you. Breaks your heart, when you can’t help them, but love them. Not leave them, not make it worse. Just being there. My husband has done that. He has watched me suffer for years. Even though it was beyond his understanding. He stuck by me! I am so grateful for him.

Most of all I needed a person who was kind, caring, and listening to my story. Not judge me. God gave me Nikki from Renewed Vitality, the sweetest, kindest soul. I can tear up just thinking how thankful I am for her. Not even 5 minutes in her office, I was crying. Just so desparate, and she has guided me. She has a way about her you are so comfortable with her. Her energy is so inviting, and trusting. She has turned the darkness into a beaming light.

This person right here. I can recognize her again, someone I’ve missed. Even better than 3 years ago, even better than 5 yeas ago. I’m more present, and value my mental health. As I’m healing! I am learning in the process. I am so happy, it radiates on other people. The true test is when other people see it. My whole family has seen such a change in me.

I cannot thank Nikki from Renewed Vitality enough. I have not only gained myself back, but gained a friend in the process. I encourage everyone to try this, even if you are fearful, it is worth the leap of faith.”

Michelle Lohm

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