Annabelle Gardner

This testimonial is worth the entire read!

“There are not enough words to describe what Cassie Brown has done for my husband and I. My husband had a severe stroke in 2013, which resulted in a serious brain injury that changed him in so many ways. Mike struggled with clarity, energy, patience, anger, anxiety, and just overall fatigue. Medical personnel said Mike would not have much more improvement and research supported that stroke victims have slim to no improvement after 8 years. Finding Cassie and LENS therapy was literally life changing for Mike and for our family. With Cassie and LENS therapy we found hope. Cassie and LENS therapy has given me back the husband I knew before his stroke. Mike went from surviving to living. Since treatment began in the Fall of 2021, Mike is calmer, has less anxiety, is happier, has more energy, and is just living his best life! And with that, so am I. We are blessed to know this amazing woman, who is kind and has an abundance of empathy. When you meet Cassie, you can feel how much she truly cares, and wants to help. LENS therapy is truly a miracle and Cassie is a complete blessing. We will forever be grateful.”

Annabelle Averill-Gardner

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