To share my family’s experience with Renewed Vitality and LENS, I feel like I need to start at the beginning. My son Matthew has been the most amazing individual since the day he was born. As he entered preschool, I noticed his speech was delayed. After several years of services and evaluations, he was diagnosed with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder when he was 6 years old. As you can imagine, life has been a whirlwind since. As I said, Matthew is an amazing individual. He has always been a unique learner, incredibly smart but struggled with the execution of the lesson or task. His grades had never reflected his “true abilities,” something that is very frustrating for a child. He also struggled with communication, utilizing his coping skills and attention. His attention has always been his biggest barrier to learning. Before LENS, we relied on medication and counseling only.

In April 2022, I heard about the LENS program offered by Renewed Vitality. After talking with Matthew’s pediatrician, our family decided to try. The first appointment, also known as the “brain map” was enlightening, validating and emotional. The work that needed to be done by both Cassie and Matthew was evident. He had been living in “survival mode” and the fact that he was doing so well was pretty amazing!! As his mom, I have always known and believed what was inside him. I just needed to figure out how to help him get it out. LENS is the answer. The changes that we have seen, and that Matthew feels, are unbelievable. The first time we noticed a change was after his 2nd session. We had taken a trip to Rochester for Record Store Day, one of Matthew’s favorite days. He talked, without stuttering or losing his train of thought from Rochester to Syracuse. Since then, the progress has been continual. He asks insightful questions, utilizing his critical thinking skills often. He listens better, not just focusing on himself, but focusing on his friends and family with genuine interest in what we are saying.

School has become better and easier. He is FINALLY showing his true capabilities and they are getting noticed by others!! His last report card of the year- he had a 96% average for the quarter. He ended his Jr High career as a high-honor student. I cannot describe the feeling when I saw that report card. Again, enlightening, validating and emotional, but this time in the best ways possible.

We are lucky to collaborate with an amazing pediatrician. He has been “on board” since the beginning. Since April, we have decreased Matthew’s Strattera (ADHD) from 40mg down to 18mg and his Intuniv (ADHD) from 2mg to 1mg. When we started to decrease his meds, I saw even more of the Matthew that I know and love. Over the last few years, he had lost some of his confidence and authenticity. However, with LENS and the meds decreased, he is my creative, eclectic, amazing kiddo. He is creating again, performing, and excelling in so many ways. His counselor at school has also been an amazing partner and reports that she sees these changes in Matt as well. He is able to wait longer before reacting, remembering the coping skills and strategies that she had taught him.

We will continue LENS until Cassie thinks that we do not need to any longer. As a mom, LENS was the best decision that I could make for my child. Every day is not easy, but it is easier for Matthew than it ever has been. I have always told Matthew that neither ADHD or Autism define who he is, or who he has to be. HE makes those decisions. LENS has validated that for him, and for our family.

Shannon Sawyer

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