“This shows that it’s not Lucas choosing to behave like this, and it’s not bad parenting, this shows that there is a problem. Now that we know what the problem is, we can treat it.” 
These were words I was told at our first LENS therapy session, words I never thought I would hear. I had been endlessly searching for answers since Lucas was 2. I knew something wasn’t right, my sweet boy who loved the earth and had the biggest heart could not self regulate or control his emotions, and I didn’t know how to help him.  
From a young age, Lucas displayed intense signs of aggression. I would try to redirect my child who was learning how the world worked and I would end up being physically attacked through hair pulling, biting, spitting, hitting, punching, kicking, scratching, objects being thrown at me, everything. It was a nightmare. I did everything I could, countless attempts at so many different therapies, counseling agencies, medications, upon medications; and nothing worked. Things would get better for a little while, but then the rug would get swept out from under us, and we’d end up in a worse spot than when we started. 
I pursued a degree in Special Education to try to better understand and help Lucas. I wanted to find as many resources and strategies to implement with him that I could. One had to work, but everything still continued to make things worse.  He began destroying his classrooms, eloping from school, verbally and physically attacking his teachers, sister, and me. I feared for his future. I was so afraid he was going to become an abuser in his relationships, that he would become incarcerated, or even killed because he just could not control his anger or impulses.  It got so bad that I began to fear for my daughter’s safety as well as my own and had him committed to a children’s psychiatric center. I felt like I had run out of options and resources for him. I felt like a failure as a mother, I fell into a depression and sought out help from my doctor. 
That doctor’s visit changed my life as well as Lucas’. There on the wall in the exam room was a poster for LENS Therapy. It claimed to help with ADHD and emotional regulation, Lucas’ main areas of concern. I asked my doctor about it and she sent Cassie in to talk with me where she provided me with more information. I decided to give it a try, it would be my Hail Mary pass, I mean, why not, I had tried everything else. Lucas’ first appointment showed that he had a “storm cloud” of activity on his frontal lobe, where impulse control and emotional regulation are housed. She explained that Lucas’ brain was constantly in ‘fight or flight’ mode. Everything was starting to make sense, and my feelings of hope came alive again. 
I began to see the positive effects from the therapy almost immediately, not only could I see them, but Lucas could FEEL them. He would tell me that he “feels like Lucas” and that he couldn’t wait to go to “brain therapy” again. Results improved with each session. The path did have some bumps, Cassie was amazing through the whole thing, staying in constant contact with me about progress, assuring me that I am doing a great job, and when things got a little rough that we were still on the right track.  Lucas began to show an increase of irritability and aggression in the middle of his treatment, this ended up being caused from the medication he was on. His doctors and I began decreasing the dosage of his medications. 
It is surreal to be able to tell you that Lucas has been medication free for the past month and is flourishing. He initiates play with his sister (with things other than video games), he laughs and jokes around, he follows directions with some grumbling, our struggles now are not anything more than a typical 11 year old exhibits. Cassie is my angel, she has been able to give Lucas the ability to be Lucas, my sweet boy with the biggest heart.  LENS Therapy has answered all of my prayers, I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, I feel that I have an obligation to let anyone who it may help about LENS Therapy, and the amazing results we’ve experienced from it. LENS therapy has given me the ability to live the life I’ve always envisioned with my children.” – Jenna Earl

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