Alexandra Fitzpatrick

“Sitting down to write about something that has made such a positive impact on your life in so many ways is almost impossible.

For years I have battled with anxiety, depression and a racing mind. Never feeling like I fit in, afraid to go certain places, terrible thoughts of ending it all, you know the never ending “brain games” as I called them. In the past the medications worked but put me in a zombie like state, I was alive but not LIVING. So a year ago I decided it was time to start living but not being on medication I knew it was going to be difficult to say the least. Each day not being on meds was an EXTREME battle.  The anxiety put thoughts into my head that were, “When you walk into that store everyone is going to stare at you” so I’d physically drive to a store and not go in. The depression was worse with “Alex just end it they’d be better off without you” and at points I almost did, I called to drop off my kids and planned it all out.  

In July I met Cassie and scheduled my first appointment, I was in a state of mind that I thought “What do I have to lose, I’ve tried EVERYTHING else”. It only took a few sessions to start seeing the changes, the negative thoughts were disappearing. I had the ability to go into a store without second thoughts. I had the ability to clean my house, not to mention for the first time in years I had self worth! I couldn’t believe it!! Could this really be what life was supposed to be like and feel like? 

As my sessions with Cassie continued the positive changes did too. I was finally able to do some inner work without going into a crazy mental state. Healing from the inside out is a fulfilling experience like no other. Becoming the individual I knew in my heart I was but showing it on the outside was empowering! I thought to myself, “How in the world did I become so bad without realizing I became so bad?”. Cassie explained how my brain had protected itself by shutting off and going into survival mode. So all those years I was just “surviving” but never really “living”. 

Further into our sessions I shared my lower back pain that I had since having children. Epidurals and spinals are no joke people. But the pain lingered and some days made it hard to stand up straight or walk. Cassie yet again worked her magic on my lower back. Going from a constant level 4 pain to most days now a zero is something I am forever grateful for.
LENS Therapy may have saved my life in more than one way and I personally will forever be grateful. 
So I must ask, what are you waiting for?”

– Alexandra Fitzpatrick

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